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                               A Macroeconomic & Public Policy Think Tank

   SEDI's Mission

SEDI is a Macro Economic & Public Policy Think Tank Creating and Developing New Economic Models and Building Industries.

Growing local economies and strengthen the private sector to help our communities become more prosperous by leveraging all assets to support local entrepreneurs.  Finding the best solutions for our community by working with you to identify the local assets, potential partners, and technical resources needed to create and sustain an entrepreneurial support initiative.

Economic development is a policy intervention endeavor with aims of economic and social well-being of people.

Supporting Local Entrepreneurs

Every community wants to grow its local economy and achieve greater prosperity. Every community desires to be a location where people want to live, engage in meaningful work, and pursue their passions.  In short, every community wants to be a vibrant, safe, and livable place.  To learn more about SEDI Think Tank, like our Facebook page Click Here

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To learn more about SEDI Vision 2020, Center for Caribbean Studies-Development & Broadcasting, participate in SEDI Business Forums or to become a member, please submit your inquiry below. We accept voluntary annual membership donor contributions starting at $25-$250. Please click on the Paypal and other payment options button below. Sending a check please make payable to our member organization the St. Croix Foundation. Support SEDI Agriculture Development Funding Initiative, Agriculture Development Corporation (ADC), by donating to the AgriBank Program (AgriBanc). Please complete the online form below and make your donation. Thank you in advance for your continued support.

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SEDI Social Entrepreneur and CrowdFunding Program Initiatives.  "The Crowd" - The Power of The Crowd. Follow "The Crowd"

CrowdFunding Invest: 

  • Startup VI CrowdFunding Projects - Island Dairies, Workation Incentive Program (WIP), CrowdJET/PAC CruzJET) & Project Collywood
  • Workation Incentive Program - workation.us
  • CrowdJET, TravelShare & CruzJET/PAC -  crowdjet.us
  • Project Collywood (Caribbean Films & Movies) 
  • Startups CrowdFunding - New Business Ventures
  • SEDI University Partnership (VirtualEd) - Education Online
  • SEDI Silicon Island
  • CrowdFunding CUBA - Education, Agriculture, Health, Cultural Exchange & Film Documentaries
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SEDI Center for Caribbean Studies-Development & Broadcasting (CCSDB), the Education Online TV, Professional Continued Education and Workation Initiative is brought to you by SEDI Vision and Powered by Virtual Ed. To learn more please provide us with your contact information above.

A workation is a trip or vacation where you must perform some task for your regular work. Although you may be in a new or exotic locale, you may have to attend meetings, telecommute, or complete projects for your job. Depending on your job description, workations may or may not count against your vacation hours at work.

If you are on a company planned workation, you will probably have to put work first and leisure activity second. Some companies have headquarters or meeting facilities in other cities and countries, requiring travel there for conferences, training, or special events. On a company-planned workation, you will likely work full days and have evenings and possibly weekends to yourself.

The limited time available to you to relax on a workation can be used to your benefit. If you are unfamiliar with the city or country you are in, check local listings for nearby tours or sites you would like to visit. You can’t learn everything about a new place in a few free hours, but you can have unique experiences that give you a memorable perspective on the locale. Try to avoid tourist traps and look for local haunts and attractions instead. Remember to plan yourself time to just relax, as well; although you are technically on a vacation, you need to rest and prepare yourself for the work at hand.  To learn more click here

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