About SediVision


Our Purpose

SediVision, LLC is a professional service that provides complete visibility of sand and grit debris in full wastewater tanks.

Because it's impossible to see below dark water, the condition of wastewater tanks may not be obvious until there is a problem.

SediVision® provides wastewater managers, utilities, contractors, and engineers with complete visibility in wastewater tanks with no need to drain down or go off-line.

Data collected over time with SediVision can lead to a predictive maintenance schedule for wastewater tanks and help facilities make informed operational, maintenance, and budgetary decisions.

SediVision leads to better knowledge, a better investment, and longer-lasting wastewater infrastructure.

SediVision shows you sand and grit debris not visible with traditional probing - as demonstrated in this image with a side by side comparison of a technician probing a tank, and a SediVision view of a tank showing missed material accumulation.

Mission | Values

Our promise to managers responsible for the maintenance of critical wet infrastructure who are facing safety, compliance, and operational challenges is to be:

Accountable  |  Safe   |  Professional   |  Adaptable