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SediVision Helps the Wastewater Facility

SediVision® allows plant operators, engineers, and wastewater managers to see debris in wastewater tanks while submerged, such as sand and grit material for removal.  Because the water in wastewater tanks is highly turbid, it's impossible to see what is beneath this dark water.

Given most wastewater tanks are out of sight, their operational and maintenance needs can often be out of mind until an emergency occurs.  SediVision eliminates the guesswork of probing and estimating the location and volume of sand and grit debris by giving wastewater managers complete visibility below turbid water.

Knowledge gained from SediVision allows wastewater managers and plant operators to direct wastewater tank cleaning efforts towards structures with the highest accumulation of sand and grit debris, and to develop a predictive maintenance schedule based on reliable data.

With SediVision, you’ll get reliable information for your wastewater treatment plant's operational, budgetary, and maintenance planning.

Aerial of a wastewater tank's debris accumulation using SediVision.

How SediVision Works

SediVision® is a predictive maintenance solution that provides complete visibility where there has never been any; under dark water in wastewater tanks.

Our ability to provide visibility, in submerged tank conditions, allows you to view the condition of your wasewater tanks before and after the cleaning process. So, you will know if your wastewater tank needs to be cleaned and if the tank cleaning job was done right.

The data provided by SediVision allows you to understand plant operations, make better budgetary decisions, and develop a predictive maintenance schedule with confidence.

Would knowing how much sand and grit debris  is in your wastewater tanks be useful?

Eliminate the guesswork of probing and estimating the location and volume of sand and grit debris material by contacting us at (866) 982-6531 or email info@sedivision.com.

With SediVision® you can make precise decisions in restoring the capacity of your wastewater tanks.

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How SediVision Helps the Wastewater Industry

Overhead photo of a water treatment facility with multiple tanks of blue-green water and a walkway overhead -How SediVision Helps the Wastewater Industry