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SediVision® partners with Utility Managers, Wastewater Operators, and Engineers, delivering informed data for optimal budget planning and predictive maintenance success.

We asked clients who are already benefitting from SediVision technology: “What can we do to make our services even better for your needs?”

They told us: “SediVision is our strategic tool for decision making. Can you customize your services to accommodate our facility or our budget?" 

Of course, we can!
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As engineers and wastewater professionals, we are part of your industry. We understand the responsibilities of ensuring facility performance and the challenges of budget forecasting.

Our #1 goal is to make your job easier and to do it for you safely, reliably, and cost-effectively.

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What Partnering with SediVision Means for You:

The trusted data delivered exclusively through SediVision® technology is available to you on your choice of a pay-now or pay-over-time schedule.

  • By knowing the location and quantity of sediment in tanks, you can confidently and strategically schedule or delay cleaning.
  • When you are ready for tank cleaning, you’ll have a reliable map of sediment locations. You and your cleaning company will know where the problem areas are.
  • You have options for payment scheduling. For example, you may choose to have your tanks mapped BEFORE you commit valued budget dollars to tank cleaning, and then pay for the mapping service on a budget-friendly monthly rate.
  • You’ll have reliable, informed data to help you evaluate operational and treatment equipment efficiencies, such as your aerators, mixers, and other systems and mechanicals.
  • You’ll always have the flexibility to cancel your current payment plan and pay only a prorated fee.
  • We’ll partner with you as your dedicated team that respects your responsibilities and the demands you face and continually strives to serve you.
  • You will be first in the industry to gain the full benefit of our field research as we continually grow our knowledge base and new insights are developed.
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SediVision Technology Makes Your Job Easier:

  • SediVision provides complete visibility in full wastewater tanks.
  • Our technology eliminates guesswork by mapping precisely how much and where sand, grit, or other debris materials have accumulated in your tanks.
  • With no probing and no divers, the process is accurate and safe. It REQUIRES NO DOWNTIME and does not interfere with your operations or involve your personnel.
  • SediVision delivers mapped tank images along with detailed data analysis and reporting.
Download Case StudySediVision Helps Cedar Creek Water Quality Treatment Center Save on Cleaning Budget

Because a Picture Really Is Worth a
1000 Words

Thanks to SediVision, wastewater management no longer needs to be a “fishing in the dark” experience. Not only can a picture be worth a thousand words, but when the image shows you the precise location and quantity of sand, grit, and sediment in your wastewater tanks, that picture may yield thousands or sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars saved or re-budgeted for other critical initiatives.

Equipped with a clear picture, you can nail down tank cleaning, inspection, and maintenance schedules. You can better evaluate water quality, chemical use, and energy consumption, potentially reducing operational costs and even extending the life of your tanks. And most importantly, you can assess treatment capacity with full confidence.

With SediVision, you have a partner who will make sure you always have the big picture.

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