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Alexander Hamilton Opportunity Zone

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands is the Boyhood Home of Alexander Hamilton, an American Founding Father. For a Google Earth view of the proposed Alexander Hamilton Opportunity Zone in the historic downtown Christiansted, St. Croix USVI. Click here


Young Alexander Hamilton

The Great Hurricane

 A Parallel in Time. The unprecedented two Category 5 Hurricane Irma and Maria that ravage the USVI and the Caribbean in September 2017. 

In August 1772, a hurricane ravaged the West Indies—and a young Alexander Hamilton picked up a pen to write about it. The resulting letter would inspire the residents of the island where Hamilton lived to pool their money for a scholarship to send him to the future United States of America … and into the history books.  

For the several hundred years before hurricanes in North American waters were named after women and then men as well, they were often labeled by the name of the saint’s day on which they fell or just called, monotonously, “The Great Hurricane” of a specified year.

There was “Hurricane Santa Ana” in 1825 for example, “San Felipe” the first and “San Felipe” the second in 1876 and 1928. And there was “The Hurricane of 1768” that destroyed some 4,000 houses in Havana and killed a thousand people.

But Hurricane Maria, which was closing in on the islands of the Caribbean Tuesday morning, inevitably brings to mind a storm which has acquired a truly unique nickname: “The Alexander Hamilton Hurricane of
1772,” as Bahamian meteorologist and historian Wayne Neely called it in his book “The Greatest and Deadliest Hurricanes of the Caribbean and the Americas.”

It barreled through the Leeward Islands of St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and St. Croix on Aug. 31, 1772, described in a local paper as “the most dreadful Hurricane known in the memory of man … the whole frame of nature seemed unhinged and tottering to its fall … terrifying even the just, for who could stand undisturbed amid the ruins of a falling world …” (Washington Post) 

A Coincidental Opportunity

"How ironic is it the US Treasury creates the Opportunity Zone Initiative and St. Croix being the Boyhood home of Alexander Hamilton and where he is from, an American Founding Father and the First US Treasury Secretary! The most celebrated founding father responsible for creating modern America!" - Anthony Weeks, SEDI Managing Director

Alexander Hamilton Opportunity Fund



The Alexander Hamilton Project - Myth, Legend And Reality... Most American are unaware and unfamiliar of the history and the contribution of the Caribbean & Latin Americas Region Contribution , Molding And Shaping to What the United States of America is Today. This is most evident with the Founding of the USA by one of our very own in the larger than life person of Alexander Hamilton.  This is particularly true as it relates to the island of St. Croix, USVI and Alexander Hamilton . St. Croix is alo virtually unknown to most Americans.   The Alexander Hamilton Project by SEDI Goal is to Change the Dynamics and Paradigm.   SEDI's - The Alexander Hamilton Project Mission- Retrace+Recapture+Implement (RRI) a vision = An ROI on Reshaping the new ecosystem for the Pan American region to be more inclusive and integrated economically and creating wealth for all jurisdiction and people of ALL Race, Nationality, Ethnicity, and Culture.

SEDI's Alexander Hamilton Project encompasses these components- Alexander Hamilton Opportunity Zone, Alexander Hamilton Opportunity Fund, Alexander Hamilton & Caribbean History Smart Museum, Getting the National Heritage Area Designation.  The creation of the Alexander Hamilton Opportunity Fund will serve as the funding mechanism in the development of these projects.

The Pan American Region encompasses North America, the Caribbean & Latin America. There are 950 million to 1 billion people in the Pan American Region, with a combined Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in excess of $30 trillion.