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Complete Visibility in Wastewater Tanks Leads to Predictive Maintenance

SediVision® Features SediVision® Benefits
High Resolution Image Know the location of material in a full wastewater tank.
Mapping of Tank Material Know where and how much material is under dark water in tanks.
Quantity Calculations Estimates loss of capacity. Eliminates the risks of probing and estimating with no visibility. Avoid setbacks in the scope of work such as change orders, schedule, and budget.
Analysis and Reporting Includes related sediment characteristics and water chemistry of wastewater tank.
Predictive Maintenance Analytics and Recommendations Allows accurate planning of wastewater tank maintenance using our analytical tools for predictive maintenance for when a wastewater tank will require cleaning in the future.

Like An MRI for Wastewater Tanks

Probing wastewater tank debris accumulation vs SediVision Visibility